Reports, Data, and Statistics

When all your fundraising data is in one place, it’s easy to make quick, well-informed decisions! You’ll discover new donor behavior trends, predict which of your donors might be at risk, compare donation form performance, and uncover critical event and campaign data.

Qgiv's reporting and data tools.
  • Streamline donation and event reconciliation ”automagically”
  • Save time and get the answers you need with pre-built and custom reports
  • Make your board members smile with easy-to-share campaign results
  • Create strategies for your next event or campaign based on behavior trends
Qgiv's reporting and data tools.

You’ll Love These Reporting Features

Fundraising Insights

Quickly view the data that matters most to you with customizable fundraising dashboards and custom reports. Save your favorite views and learn how your campaigns are performing, all within minutes!

  • Learn how donors are giving to you, whether it's from a desktop, mobile device, or via text
  • View total contributions processed over time
  • See real-time donation activities across your campaigns
  • Display the exact data you want by adding, deleting, or rearranging data insights
Monitor fundraising performance with Qgiv reporting tools.
Predictive Insights

Multiply your impact with predictive insights into your donor’s giving behaviors.

  • Personalize the experience for your donors with Smart Amounts
  • Tap into your donor’s giving behaviors to make better, data-backed decisions
  • Gain insights in your fundraising performance
Build custom reports and save them for later.
Donor Summaries

Help a donor out. Keeping track of individual receipts for charitable giving can be messy and time-consuming for busy donors. Make it easy by sending a donor summary!

  • Automatically send donor summaries with a full itemized list of each donation or event registration a donor made during a certain period
  • Quickly filter, sort, and send an email containing a donor summary to one, several, or all of your donors
Donor summaries keep track of a donor's donation and registration history.
Donor Statistics

Donor stats… stat! Track important fundraising data to help measure the effectiveness of your campaigns, better retain donors, and see what types of giving are performing best — all right from your dashboard.

  • Track new, lapsed, and at-risk donors
  • Easily see donor retention and attrition rates
  • Understand donor lifetime value and the makeup of one-time vs. recurring donors
  • Gauge which segments prefer to give certain amounts
Advanced donor statistics on a Qgiv dashboard.
Offline Donations + Registrations

Let’s take this offline. The Qgiv Virtual Terminal provides a convenient way to enter cash or check donations made onsite at your organization, at events, or when you receive them via mail.

  • Record cash and check donations
  • Track multiple offline donations or registrations by uploading them in batches
  • Sync offline donations to your fundraising dashboard
Qgiv's Viritual Terminal to accept offline donations and registrations.
Form Comparison

Sometimes comparison is a good thing! Easily see which of your donation forms performs the best and compare differences applied to each.

  • Understand the details of your form that move donors to give
  • Apply your findings easily to your next campaign with a form cloning tool
  • Run A/B tests with multiple versions of forms sent in email appeals
Compare the performance of donation or event forms.

Detailed reports, integrations, and statistics to help improve your campaigns

Automatically track fundraising progress.

Automate Your Processes

Avoid hours of manual data entry and reporting

Gain valuable insights into donors.

Valuable Donor Insights

Custom reports, advanced statistics, and interactive dashboards

Keep track of fundraising tests.

Refine and Report

Test the success of different language, images, and amounts to find what works

See all your data in one fundraising dashboard.

Get the Whole Picture

See online and offline donations in one place for a complete view of your campaign

Customers drive the development of our platform.

Customer-Driven Development

Many of our enhancements are based on feedback from clients just like you

Free, unlimited support and training.

We’ll Train You (and Your Staff)

Our award-winning customer experience team will train you, your staff, and your volunteers

Nonprofit employee checking campaign performance in Qgiv.
Nonprofit employees comparing donation form performance in Qgiv.
Qgiv fundraising dashboard and advanced statistics.

Save hours of manual data entry and $$ on resources

Collecting, tracking, and understanding your donor base has never been easier. Gain insights into your donors’ giving patterns with advanced statistics, interactive dashboards, and in-depth custom reports.

Easily find and pull the donor data you need.

Data tools help you pull invaluable data to better understand, manage, and target your donor base

Eliminate manual data entry.

Eliminate manual data entry so you can focus more time on your donors

Qgiv fundraising dashboard and advanced statistics.

3 Reasons Why Fundraisers Love Qgiv

Lily Meyer
Qgiv has become a part of how we set goals and benchmarks, as well as draw up plans for better events. Having it to use has improved the ways we budget our costs and plan for engagement. Read More >
Susan Copeland
We use Qgiv the most for our Stepping Out for Education event to manage registration and collect $1 votes cast for our dancers. It’s so easy to run reports and get up-to-date numbers in real time—it’s wonderful! Read More >
Cindy Edwards
Qgiv helped the Jacksonville-Onslow Council for the Arts accept donations online. As a nonprofit, accurate record keeping is a must. Qgiv’s reports ensure our records are always verifiable. The installation was easy and their support team was awesome. Read More >

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