System Update: Early January 2022


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Happy New Year! We hope you had a relaxing holiday season. We have lots of great updates coming in 2022, starting this week!

Features and Enhancements ✨

  • We’ve added a search box for outbound SMS contacts. Users with lots of SMS contacts can now find and edit contacts quickly and easily.
  • If you’re using custom Giving Plans with end dates, you can now make the end date a required field.
  • We’ve changed the way fundraising thermometers on donation forms update. Instead of updating every minute, they’ll only update when a transaction occurs, which will take some processing load off the database.
  • The Title field now appears in the Personal Information section of Transaction notifications, as long as the donor completed the field while donating.
  • We’ve added a new link to the auction registration receipt page to clarify how bidders can enter the auction on the web.
  • Also, if you haven’t seen the new, check out it! Our web design team pulled out all the stops! You’ll also notice our new logo throughout the Qgiv ecosphere.

Bug Fixes 🐜

Our auction platform will be getting some great updates this year, starting with these fixes:

  • Item categories in Givi once again reflect their order in the Qgiv control panel.
  • And if a Store Items category has ended, the items can no longer be purchased during auction registration.
  • Searching by item number in Givi once again displays the correct item.
  • We’ve also made a couple of updates to how push notifications display.
  • On the control panel side, we’ve added auction event receipt tags for %EventContactName% and %EventContactEmail%.
  • And we’ve updated the way our Mobile VT app dashboard displays bids.

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